You work hard for your money.

Don’t let it all slip away.

An injury has the potential to have a devastating effect on your life.  You must do everything in your power to ensure that your livelihood is not placed in jeopardy by your injury.

You don’t have to accept “no” as the answer from your employer or the insurance company.  You have the right to a hearing if your claim is denied by the employer or the insurance company.  You also have the right to a hearing if you are denied any benefits.  Simply put, neither the employer or the insurer has the last say as long as you take action in a timely manner.

For instance, if you disagree with the findings of your treating physician, it may be possible for you to attempt to get your physician changed.  If your physician has placed you at maximum medical improvement (MMI), and provided an impairment rating, you most probably are entitled to a second opinion through a Division IME.  But you must act in a timely manner. 

Have you received everything to which you are entitled?

Have you received the following benefits? If so, did you receive the full amount you should? If you’re concerned about the benefits you have have not received, contact CoLawCo today.

  • Medical benefits
  • Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)
  • Temporary Total Disability (TTD)
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD)
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Disfigurement
  • Penalties (may be awarded if the insurer or employer violates a rule or law)

The decision of whether you wish to proceed to a Division IME (DIME) must be made within 30 days after a final admission of liability is filed in your claim.  You must file an objection to the final admission and either a notice and proposal to select a DIME physician or an application for hearing within 30 days of the date that the final admission was mailed to you.  It’s often wise to consult with an attorney immediately after a final admission is filed.

The bottom line is, although you may be frustrated at present, you have rights.  You have the right to a hearing.  You may have the right to additional medical benefits or other benefits.  You may have the right to a Division IME. But the Division IME process or hearing process can be confusing and difficult.

At a hearing, the Workers’ Compensation Rules of Procedure, Office of Administrative Courts’ Rules of Procedure, the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, the Colorado Rules of Evidence, the Colorado Revised Statutes and Colorado case law may all be at issue.  The fact is, the procedure and process of your claim may be very difficult. 

If you have any concerns regarding your claim, don’t hesitate to contact CoLawCo today for a free initial consultation.